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When I was in a hotel in Seychelles, an email came from Air Austral. It is a guide of online check-in. The check-in here was smooth. Just read it carefully and print it out. Interpretting without permission that it would be better to show the mobile phone at the airport. Still it is safe to just check in. We changed the seat to the window. Because I wanted to see the Reunion from the sky, I understood later but it was a failure because I changed from business to economy.

I negotiated with a taxi driver at the airport, but I could not quite get it. The last negotiating driver reduced 70 euros to 60. The road is maintained. There was also a motorway and Port Louis had a call with a cruise ship. Because the population is about 1.3 million people, Seychelles are one-digit larger islands.

In writing the net, Mauritius had a strong impression of a dirty city, but it was not such a thing. Is not there a difference in perception of Indian culture? Mauritius is independent from the UK in 1968, GDP per capita in 2013 is 9,165 dollars, it is about the world average 90% level.
Admission is free for aapravasighat. Even this alone is the culture of developed countries. Unlike articles written online, explanations are well done, but there are few documents. It will be excavated from now. Slavery has gone, but seasonally contracted labor is also quite close to slaves. However, even in the village of India where they are home, the living was not much different from the workers in the sugar cane field. I guess they made a contract thought that life would be a little better. Foreign workers in Japan also remembered that there were those who escape severely by intermediate exploitation.

Admission fee for Seven Colored Earth was 250 rupees. I was able to pay with credit card. At first I saw two lines of waterfalls. Since it was written in the instruction manual that there is the same height as the statue of liberty, it remains in memory. 7 colors are rainbows. There are cultures that make the rainbow six colors, but if you think it is seven colors it is a seven color. However, because it is the color of the soil, it is not very vivid. Naming was good. Many foreigners were gathering. Of course there are also many Chinese. But I had more vivid birds, so I was distracted by that. On the roadside on the way back, the Hindu temple is noticed. Seventy percent of Mauritius are Indians. But at night I heard a Quran prayer. There are many Muslims in Indians. Taxi was 60 euros, but the driver said that he wanted 5 euros more, so I gave it. I originally thought about putting out chips, so I did not mind.

The inn does not have a signboard. If the driver did not take me, I thought I did not understand. It is easy to understand on the map. It is the second floor of a store like Kentucky Fried Chicken, I do not know unless it is guided, but as in writing, it’s neat and it’s not complaining. I bought chicken lid and water in the shop, 1311 rupees in all, about 4 thousand yen. It is two kilometers to the airport, but for some reason, Google takes about seven minutes by taxi six hours on foot.

(Animation of Aapravasighat etc.)

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(The movement of the seven colors of the earth)



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