Reunion (144)      February 16, 2019

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When purchasing a ticket from Mauritius to Madagascar, Reunion was transit, so I bought it immediately. Moreover, it was convenient because it is a long transit and visa is unnecessary.

(From Mauritius to Reunion)


 It took me thirty minutes to get to the scenic flight place of the Ultra light plane from the airport. I sweat because it is hot. Temperature is high and clouds are many at eleven o’clock. People in mountaineering are said to get up early. It is said that when the rain falls the bride’s veil falls appears. I saw some things. People are living in tremendous mountains. Because they are fond of loving, they do not say complaints. I heard that I make a living by eco tour. I would like to investigate the wonders of people living on this island.


On the volcano, the smartphone was turned off. In a hurry to replace the battery, the best place (the crater of the volcano) was recorded in memory.

Laguna is also a masterpiece. Saint-Denis made a visit from the sky. Did you see the yellow bus too? The cost is 190 Euro in the longest course. After the scenic flight, the pilot treated the homemade cake and coffee. I was asked why I learned about this, and said that it was introduced from a sightseeing flight company that was out on the net. I handed the business card to the pilot and said that if you were to come to Japan you would contact me. In the season of cherry blossoms, he said he wanted to go.




I do not know well, but in Air Austral I was a business dealer. A lounge is also available, and the seat is also in front. There were many vacant seats and it was free to move even at the window. However, the flight time is as short as 30 minutes. In Reunion, hotel prices are three star class. I never feel luxurious.

Papangue ULM, Sainte-Marie, レユニオン Alain FRAPPIER<alain.frappier974@gmail.com>

I note that your plane is scheduled to land at 9.15 am 16 february 2019. You can be at the club by 10.30 am. So as soon as you get to us, weather conditions permitting, we’ll take you for circuit no 6. We are located on the other side of the airport. It is only a 5 minutes ride to us. The taxi driver will know. Note that the payment will be cash, as we do not have credit card machine. I leave my mobile number in case: 0692 83 76 58 If any problems, contact me by mail or telephone the day you arrive.



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