Future of Battlefield-tourism, including Mongolia

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China and Russia

 Even in just two weeks of Mongolia trip, I felt everywhere the influence from the Soviet Union and China.Cyrillic to me who majored in Russian as the second foreign language college didn’t become resistance.However, it would have been a great cultural impact for Mongolian people. Speaking in Japan it is like a kind of Chinese characters. Official language until the end of the Edo era was Chinese classics in Japan. Previously we were not accustomed to leaders of society to be able to understand Chinese classics.

Outside Mongolia remains China’s memories of the era that came under the rule of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore it has also left anti-China sentiment.In its heyday, even Siberia district such as Khabarovsk and Lake Baikal was in China.It is a result that were being invaded by Tsarist Russia, today the border has been made.
In 1911, it was the Declaration of Independence by multiplying the Xinhai Revolution. However, it was canceled by the pressure of Russia and China. Mongolia, on the basis of China suzerainty, became the Dominion.It is the interference from third country referred to in the history of Japan or more.

In 1921 People’s Government has been established by the assistance of the Soviet Red Army. After the so-called living Buddha died, it became a Republic in 1924.
Infla is a city that Chinese merchants were built. It became Ulaanbaatar (red hero).

Nomonhan incident or the Khalkha River war

Nomonhan incident of 1939, in Mongolia called the Khalkha River war. In this case, anti-Japanese-parent Soviet sentiment had occurred. General Jikofu became hero. Since it became famous as a place name, for Japanese tourists in China and has been referred to as “諾門穽(ノモンハン)”.

Mongolian ethnic group was divided into Japan and the Soviet Union in the sphere of influence. Even Nomonhan incident, both Mongolia, tried to resolve talking. However, both Mongolian representatives were executed in espionage. It had been inevitably follow without in Japan and the Soviet Union of the tough measures.

Japan, hand-to-hand combat surgery of the Russo-Japanese War was successful. Then compared to Japan military policy in that there was no change, the Soviet Union mechanization, advancing the heavy equipment of. One regiment of Japan in the Soviet counterattack in the “Battle of Lake Khasan” of 1938 was devastating. However, it has not been summarized and defeated. Nomonhan incident of 1939 began from the skirmish of Manchukuo and the border garrison of the Mongolian People’s Republic. Japan tanks, by the Soviet Union of heavy weapons, were destroyed as tin toys. This debris’m so were able to see on the previous Sunberu village.

The 23th Japanese division was destroyed. The Sapporo regiment which was the first assignment point of my father was the main force.And it is described in the Mongolian traveler’s diary that my father wrote.
Nazi invaded it in Poland. World War II began.As a result, Soviet Union and Japan agreed a cease-fire.I was happy in the Japanese army.It should be described to a textbook of the history.

September 2, 2015, in Beijing, Victory 70 anniversary ceremony was held. Various commentaries have been made.Japan was not defeated by China. Particularly, there is an opinion out of vexation that the Japanese military was not defeated by the Chinese Communist Party forces. However, 3 million Japanese victims during World War II would not occur if reflection of “the Khalkha river war” was done properly.Clearly, by red army of the Communist Party Soviet Union, Japan army had been defeated. I understand the Russo-Japanese War when I had it decide that Japan won by political consideration by the U.K. and the United States of America. About the Khalkha river war, it should have been decided that Japan lost. Of it could be avoided, it is thanks to the Polish invasion of Nazi Germany.

Hiroshima atomic bombing is a masterpiece. While the person concerned lives, the evaluation is not decided. However, a common evaluation is decided by time passing. As for Russia and Japan,they had the war in the third country, in this case, Mongolia. Kao Yen who is a Chinese tourism researcher advocates the look as a guest and a host in tourism. In the case of the Khalkha river war, the host is a Mongolian race rather than Chinese. Tourism is not intended to be an evaluation of history. It determined by the strength of the target of the stimulus of interest. As Battlefield-tourism, if the Khalkha River war is taken up, both right wing and left wing become interested. As for Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia, it is interesting that tourism researchers gather together and hold a symposium concerning with battlefield-tourism with acrossing the situation of the country.


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