Comoros Union (146)  February 17, 2019

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Visa for Comoros Union was acquired at Senegal Embassy in Aobadai. Three thousand yen. Visa was acquired in advance because there is little time staying in Comoros. I was told at the Senegalese embassy that I could not get a visa because it was too short, but I told the situation and managed to do something. I thought that inner conscience was unnecessary, but the government is still a strong country. Madagascar Airlines was famous for the delay due to writing on the net.

I got a visa application form when entering Comoros, but I had a visa and went directly to the immigration office. But the woman who was immigrated could not find the visa described in my passport and I opened it. It is certain that it is difficult to understand many stamps. But then I looked at the visa and said that the deadline had passed, so I showed the place of the deadline and said that it was all right, the clerk reluctantly pushed the stamp. Poor thinking, she might have thought about making earn money with an arrival visa.

A customs clerk opened me a lighter backpack, so I liked it. There can not be anything, but I guess he is free. It is time for a taxi. Drivers who can not speak English but only French were in the restricted area. However, he is the only driver. Police got an English and interpreted it. Moroni round trip at 30 euros, with sightseeing, two hours. By 1 PM I got a talk of returning to the airport. The fare is higher than the national strength, but 30 euros was also the price of the guide book.

Outside the airport, another man got into the taxi. The incident that an unknown person gets in on the way is also Baku. In the case of this time, it is said that it is an interpreter of English, but it seems that he had piggybacked back to Moroni. Well it’s OK because it’s win-win. The city of Moroni is not a tourist destination, so to speak frankly it is dirty. There is a garbage mountain launched on the coast. It is plastic pollution.

Because the man who interpreted said that it was an embassy (I could not catch up) somewhere, when I took a picture, a guard man pushed me off. As he said that he would erase the picture, if I showed the cell phone that I erased, he told me to erase all so far, so I naturally rejected it. As I was waving, some of them seemed to be superior in appearance came out. When he saw the picture, I understood that it was unrelated after that, I got it. He admonished the first man. To me, it is natural. It seemed like the man who was acting as an interpreter who told me was going to disappear, but as I was, it was as convenient as making a lender to a driver. The interpreter, as expected, got off on the way.

A squall came on the way home. It was heavy rain but stopped at once. The view of the volcanic lava plateau after that remains impressive.
At the airport, the order is not protected anyway. I caught on security. Chucks of trousers react. Even though I told a joke as to what to take off my trousers, I can not communicate in English. Well, since I am free, I have no problems with both sides. I understood some reason why Mayotte leaves the Comoros Association. However, it is common in both of them that Islam is as many as 98%. There is no information on Madagascar Airlines. When I heard that there was a row, I went to Madagascar and lined up. I got up earlier than the diamond.



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