Namibia · Windhoek (147) February 18th 2019

(Nambi massacre and Germany)

I knew the Helle-Namakua slaughter just before leaving for the trip. I took up a massacre of irritability as a tourism resource. This massacre is the first Genocide of the 20 th century that the German Empire took from 1904 to 2007. About 60,000 Herrero and 10,000 Namakua died. One characteristic of this massacre is starvation, poisoning death. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 2004 Helenro War, the German minister represents the memorial and apology representative of all the Germans, but the Heroes are seeking financial compensation.
German politicians have agreed that Germany’s massacre led to led to the Nazi Germany’s diabolical massacre later.

(Wind Hock morning)

Namibia has a population of 2.3 million and Windhoek has 300,000. Half of Christianity is 90% Ovumbo tribe. The official language is English. The pick-up taxi was about 500 lands, I did not know whether to pay directly to the driver, so I decided to exchange $ 100 for the time being for the time being. You can change in John, Namibia, Esuwatini. The reverse seems to be useless. In Malawi, a taxi needs 130 lands.

Next day after breakfast, I go to the city center. Look at Independent Boulevard, Post Street, Castro Street, Zoo Park, Church, Parliament Building. The station sees Namibia station in the neighborhood.

(Windhook movie 1)


Tour pickup comes at 8:30. There are only young people in the meeting place, 3 people with the elderly. Participants were five boys, eight girls, and guides were two men. Two boys are Japanese, one Chinese in Singapore, one who forgot about Portugal and where it was. Women were white except Hong Kong and Korean women.

There was a big plastic bottle. In this case I did not need small. But it is charged. Because the story is a bit different, I returned it. Free water is about tap water. My fault who did not know English in Tap water.

(Sunset Tour)

After arriving at the campsite over a day, after setting up a tent, I went out for a sunset tour. As I climbed a sandy mountain, I was out of breath. After coming home after sunset, while I was going to buy a cola at the restaurant, it was completely sunset. I lost my sense of direction at the campground, I got lost, I asked the clerk for a guide.

In the tent, I did not wake up in the middle of the night. I painted mosquito repellent ointment and went to bed. I did not go to the toilet.
There was a battery charge plug in the campground. Do not worry about this. According to the land price, expenditures are tax included in both juice 20, water juice 20, cola 12.5, cookie 11 cola 12.5 tax water 15.
Overnight I heard the bird’s voice called Yotaka. Both Japan and Namvia have the same voice.


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保護中: 定住のヒント 『植物は知性を持っている』めも

植物は「動く」  著者は、イタリア人の植物生理学者ステファノ・マンクーゾである。フィレンツェ大学国


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保護中: 意識と量子力学とAI



November 4, 2016   Survey report No.4 on taxi dispatch application and tourism advertisement in New York by Japanese taxi business CEOs

◎ Taxi & Limousine Commission  In the morning, we


5月17日、18日 バーレーン

〇17日 バーレンの入国審査。ビザがないのでどのレーンかわからず、皆が右往左往。それらしき列は


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ヴィアレッジョ スーパーヨットの街



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「食譜」という発想 学士會会報 2017-Ⅳ 「味を測る」 都甲潔



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DNAで語る日本人起源論 篠田謙一 をよんで(めも)

篠田氏は、義務教育の教科書で、人類の初期拡散の様子を重要事項として取り上げるべきとする。 私も大賛


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5月17日 クウェート



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日本人が海外旅行ができず、韓国人が海外旅行ができる理由   『from 911/USAレポート』第747回 「働き方改革を考える」冷泉彰彦 を読んで、

勤労者一人当たり所得では、日本も韓国も同じレベル 時間当たりの所得では、日本は途上国並み これで


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ジャパンナウ観光情報協会原稿 2020年3月 コロナウィルスと人流規制


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183-1 カナリー諸島自治州 LPA

Canary Islands sandstorm: Fli

183-2 カナリア諸島自治州  TFN 

テネリフェ島に世界遺産の街「ララグーナ」  テネリフェ島の

179 ガンビアBLJ資料

目黒区青葉台 セネガル大使館   <必要書類>有効期限が6

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179 ガンビア BJL