Namib Desert Tour (147) February 19 – 21, 2019

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A morning sunrise tour. It gathers at 5:15. It is the sunrise of Dean 45. Sunrise is the same everywhere in the world. I walk a lot more than 3000 steps roundtrip, but I have to breath because there is height. On the way back I left the dunes freely. I have never skated fresh skiing, but I understood the feeling that sand skiing is such a thing. Sand has gone into the pocket behind the pants.

After breakfast, I go to Sosuzusurei. It seems to be a fee-based hiking, but everyone participated. I got on two jeeps. There was Orix in the middle. Probably they are raised for sightseeing. It is a protected area forbidding the use of cars. This hiking was serious. I served as a tenure. I managed to drop off and climb to Pick Papa. When someone enters the ant hill, that person is difficult to crawl. That person seems to be picked up by a helicopter. It is exactly ant hell. “I was a little step forward, a big step forward” I was told many times. It was quite late from the beginning of the group, but because the resilience is slow, I rest a lot of times without impossible. I felt as soon as the gradient became steep. The feet are taken with sand. It consumes physical strength. I heard a guide saying that it is all right.
Arrival at the top. If it takes time, it is not so difficult, but congratulations the person who was ahead. I am not very happy. There was a Korean blogger at the top. They were interviewing women participating from Brazil and Hong Kong, our group members.

Dead Frey has old wood that has died. When the veins change, it dies. There are several kinds of insects that slip into the desert sand. They are all ultra compact. Returning was also serious. I felt like I knew a little about the feeling of those who had gone by in the desert. I ask the accompanying person to divide the water. Myanmar born Bangladesh and Irish women seem to be traveling around the world. In the return jeep, I heard the name Sushi, really Shuichi, but because pronunciation is difficult, because it is said to be sushi, when answering that it was made to sushi, young people in Singapore were talking about how sashimi are. I gnawed the apple on the way home, but the water is more delicious. As I was covered with sand, I took a shower. Hot water came down, so I thought that the water warmed up, but it was hot water. The faucet on the left was for water. Feel good. Lunch is a usual hamburger. It was a milk tea, and supplemented with water. Because the inside of the tent is hot, I crushed the time with a cola etc. at a campsite restaurant. Korean tourists stand out. Because the wifi in the restaurant says it is 50 lands for a fee, I quit.

In the evening I went to see Sesriem Valley. The mountain range of the distant view is the shape of the Gondiana era. I thought that an Irish woman resembled Petra ruins, I had the same impression. Swift’s nest is on the wall. There were a lot in the evening. Tell the guide to the nest and tell him that there were lots of nests on the walls of the Moroccan palace.

You can see the appearance of Babu (monkey). The sunset silhouette is beautiful. When listening to intercultural exchanges of young women, expression seems to be exaggerated, and it seems that there are many expressions such as Wahoo and Oh. Although there were two ladies, they seemed to like political story on the contrary, they were actively asking the guide. I was sleeping in a tent, an Irish woman was singing a song. It was a sad Irish style song. Because Hong Kong and Korea were singing songs of children again in the tent, older women are said to have stopped singing because it is past 9:30. From inside, Hong Kong, because it was private space, but the song stopped. Whew.

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Drive-in which took a break on the way. There were stickers of travel agencies in various places. The revolutionaries seem to be popular, but JTB also had firmly left the alibi.

The car punctured on my way home. It took about an hour to repair. It was a tiresome, so it would have been punctured. There was no big accident and it was good. The tire was Bridgestone, but it was made in China.


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2018年12月14日7限 アジア太平洋大学大学院講義、翌日は鉄輪温泉から空路で帰路に

運輸省同期で国連にも勤務していたT教授の計らいで、アジア太平洋大学の大学院生にTourism in


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観光学研究者へのお願い 字句「観光」と字句「tourist」の今後の研究課題



ジャパンナウ観光情報協会9月号原稿 ミャンマー散骨旅行記(2)



November 1, 2016   Survey report No.1 on taxi dispatch application and tourism advertisement in New York by Japanese taxi business CEOs

We gathered at Narita Airport. It is departure at


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新語Skiplagging 「24時間ルール」と「運送と独占の法理」 

BBCの新しい言葉skiplagging BBCで新しい言葉を発見した。ちょうどアフリカ旅行


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Chinese man caught by facial recognition at pop concert



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渡辺惣樹著『第二次世界大戦 アメリカの敗北』 読後メモ

対独戦争をあくまで回避するべきと主張したチェンバレンら英国保守層 対独戦争は膨大な国力を消費し、アメ


5月4日、5日 マルタ

〇羽田発 5月3日夜21:44浜松町発のモノレールで国際線ターミナル駅を目指す。9:59着。早めに


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公研2019年2月号 記事二題 貧富の格差、言葉の発生

●「貧富の格差と世界の行方」津上俊哉 〇トーマスピケティ「21世紀の資本」 世界経済は


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「ブロックチェーンとエネルギーの将来」阿部力也 公研2019No67

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2019年9月11日 清華大学やDiDiで考えさせられた無人運転車


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保護中: 10月15日新嘉坡


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2019年9月12日朝 盧溝橋へ


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2019年9月11日 午後新幹線で天津