Namibia · Windhoek 22 Early morning airport drop-off via Johannesburg to Eswatini

公開日: : 最終更新日:2023/05/21 シニアバックパッカーの旅

At 4 o’clock, because the lobby is closed, I called the front desk. I was relieved that a woman came in. I asked for checkout. I will wait for the wild Safari dock to pick me up, but I can not help but come. He handed me the breakfast box I asked for at the hotel. Even after twenty minutes the car did not come, so I ordered a taxi. The price is said to be four hundred lands. After riding, the driver said that it is 500 lands because it is at night. Because I only have 350 lands, I paid the rest in US dollars. There is no problem since it is not much different from the amount offered by the travel agency, but since it is early in the morning, it would have been serious if a taxi was not caught. I regretted that I had better ask the hotel for a car. It is not about as much as telling VIATOR.

I checked in at the airport. I needed a print out. The counter is a pretty good row. Probably it will not take so long, but I got it. When I showed my gold card, I got a business counter, and I had to get rid of it. At the same time I checked in Manzini roundtrip and got a boarding card. Thanks to ANA annually paid over 10,000 yen. I took a rest in the lounge. The seat was also upgraded. There were no cars at the hotel, but was it even by this?

The transfer in Johannesburg was the second time this time and I can afford a feeling. Gate 24 is a convenient place. However, it was said that South African Airlines’ lounge can not be used. Since the gold number is written in the boarding pass, when asking, it seems that although the mileage enters, the lounge is bad.
 There are five East Asian men and two Oriental women on board for boarding. After that, there are 10 black people. Finally, three white people got on board. Furthermore, when someone was waiting to be late, a white woman and a black man arrived. Did the lost flight of the previous cause cause you? Until departure time, there was still room.

Since I have entered South Africa, I decided not to enter the country this time. Attention may become distracted, and the more you read the HP, the less energy goes down.


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