Travel writing through practical tourism research on Mongolia Tsaatan ethnic (especially concerning with a reindeer and shermanism) 4

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24th August

We went back to Tsuagan’noru. We were supposed to be staying in the house of another of Sherman.Local teachers had been asked. She is a student of Dr. HADA, enthusiastic teacher to eco-education.She seems upset painful teeth.After giving the antibiotic, the next day the pain had subsided. Again, science and magic are separated.Suddenly, I was supposed to hear the fortune-telling of Sherman.Sherman is currently 70s. It became the Sherman (Boo) in the late 30’s. I hear mother was Sherman (Odogan).


Rite This Sherman, after cleansing with smoked withered in smoke pine needles, using a mirror and Jew’s harp the instrument was carried out.Unlike Tsaatan ethnic Sherman, direct, fortune-telling has been reported.Request that was asked is from the Mongolian mother living in Japan.The child is suffering from a heavy illness. Sherman told that the child had a problem in stomach, limbs and head (in short all of the site).From the time when there are children in the mother’s belly, the devil has possessed from the front of the mother generations to the next mother.Spirit told needed exorcism.
According to the revelation of the Spirit of “Let rely on all the Lamaism”.”Because do not know in Sherman, rely let the force of the people with Lama of power” was made in the form of. In Ulan Bator, that have a lot of great people of the Lama.
Sherman of tools and Lama of tools had been decorated in the altar.The former is from the mother, the latter inherited from his father.It is a very syncretism of Lamaism and Sherman like Japanese Shinto and buddism.I asked him whether there is that please rely on Christianity.It was a positive answer. However, there was no answer to the question of whether there is a precedent. Thanks but was 100,000 Tsuguru, the sensory wonder worth of ¥ 100,000 position if the standard of living.


北中米旅行記⑥ ハバナ鉄道駅と欠航 11月10日、11日

◎鉄道駅 朝散歩。鉄道駅と中華街に出かける。キューバはクラシックカーと同様、鉄道ファンには古い


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2⃣ 3 2018年8月10日  バルセロナ・カタルーニア(124)、ZARGOZA パンプローナ泊

< strong>カタルーニャ バルセロナ 13:25発 2号車9C AVE


5月19日 ヤムドク湖、チベット民家訪問

19日 https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNpG1SIO


モーリシャス(143) 2019年2月15日 



11月19日 ハルピン歴史的建造物群調査

11月19日は聖ソフィア大聖堂をスタート https://photos.google.


3⃣ 5 2018.8.18 チューリッヒ、リヒテンシュタイン(129)、ダボス

チューリッヒ https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP0


Touristic problem of Jeju island richer than Okinawa and Kyushu held ~ Participation in press tour ~

It was a short time from November 2 to 4, but I pa


168Republic of Guyana ガイアナ



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2019.10.11 ナンディ見学



保護中: 『みんなが知りたいアメリカ経済』田端克至著


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中国人口史通史の新書本。入門書でもある。概要〇序章 人口史に何を聴く

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Quora ジョージ・フロイドさんが実際に死亡する経緯が録画


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『海軍と日本』 池田清著 中公新書

書評1 ○ 著者は海軍兵学校(73期)卒業、終戦時海軍中尉で潜水艦に