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This picture was made thanks to Mr. Dorien who took care of me locally.
The HP of his travel agency is as follows
There is also a Japanese page.

〇The Adriatic Sea is surprisingly a sea with many islands

Dubroknik could not be seen with clouds, but Split looked better. The Adriatic Sea is surprisingly a sea with many islands, like the Seto Inland Sea. Venice is the innermost of the Adriatic Sea. Speaking in the Seto Inland Sea, it is something like Kobe.

There are few passengers in the plane


〇Arrive in Tirana

I arrived at the airport. My mistake, the pickup was overlapping. We apologized to Mr. Doryen who was introduced. I took the hotel manager’s car to the hotel. With information, it was taught that traveling in the Balkan peninsula by car is cheaper.
In Japan it is expensive to ask a taxi directly, but if it is a travel product, it can be made cheaply. The owner says he wants to travel to Japan. He is rich. He goes around the countryside in Japan, so he asked me how much he spends. I answered depending on the situation. Payment at the hotel was said that the machine of the card was out of order and made me cash. I paid 50 €.
Mr. Drien introduced from Mr. Suzuki said he would like to show not only to the planned port town Durres but also to the city of World Heritage · Brett. It is a blessing thing. He is the president of a travel agency of 39 years old. The father who had disappeared two years ago was a chief of Tourism Association of Albania. By father ‘s recommendation, he studied at Tohoku University in Japan for a year and studied psychology. Since the Tohoku earthquake occurred, he returned home.
Paying the promised price, he only accepts part. I got it understood by having meals. Just saying that the meal cost was cheap as 30 euros. The shop is probably the one above the rank because the professors at the University of Tirana can have a dinner party.

Albania, in our generation, was a country with different impressions, even in the Communist. There was an image of the country of Mao Zedon thought. Dorien also said that Albania was like North Korea now.
He says that the Sarajevo conflict is incredible. Darien’s father is a Muslim and her mother is a Christian. They say they have lived together. I can not tell this story without coming to the site and talking.

A travel agency operated by Dorien has been extensively deployed for the Balkans. He has the experience of studying abroad in Japan and wants to attract Japanese tourists. However, he said he was suffering from sleeping at night. He seems to have participated in the JATA World Travel Expo, but he was hesitant, considering cost effectiveness.I have a lot of people to introduce, but I was not confident that it would be effective.

We exchanged opinions on various sightseeing. Even I saw the church, I told that I could not tell the difference and, to be honest, I would be bored. Dorien said that he felt the same about Japanese temples. When considering sightseeing, this is important.
To impress Japanese people with Albania, I think Alexander the Great is good. To get Japanese to travel to Albania, it is better to put in a sightseeing route connecting Italy and Greece.Now, Dubrocnik is famous. Even Dobroknik may get tired of it.
Darien wants to sell the nature and trekking of the Balkans to Japan. I found out when I came, but the Balkan mountains are pretty steep. Many people like Korean people who like mountain walking. As preparations for attracting Koreans, there may be hands to attract Japanese people. The end will be for the Chinese people.
The next morning, I get on an airplane at 5 o’clock. That’s why the time is bad is that tourists will not come. If you have time, you are coming to the dress by boat from Italy. I also thought about various things at the beginning, but the purpose was to increase the number of visited countries, this time I used an airplane.
However, it was found that it was less time and cost less to charter a car and go around the Balkan Peninsula. Dorian came to pick me up at three in the morning. It really cared.

〇Sightseeing circumstances
The number of foreign visitors (including day trips) who visited Albania in 2016 was 4.74 million, including 4 million on land and 470,000 in aircraft, and 280,000 in ship.
Since 2011, the number of foreign guests has steadily increased to 2.93 million people, 3.35 million people, 2.32 million people, 3.67 million people, 4.3 million people each year.
However, I did not know the statistics by country


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5月17日 クウェート



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11日芝公園でイスラムフェスティバル。そこでサウジ旅行ができるようになったと聞いた。 ht


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刑事コロンボ49話 迷子の兵隊



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人口減少の掛け声に対する違和感と 西田正規著『人類史のなかの定住革命』めも



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5月7日 ルビコン川



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チームネクスト 柳川



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『日本人になった祖先たち』篠田謙一 NHK出版 公研2020.1「人類学が迫る日本人の起源」

分子人類学的アプローチ SPN(一塩基多型)というDNAの変異

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『山形有朋』岡義武 岩波文庫

p.208- 晩年とその死  世界戦争に関し、米国の対日態度は

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