London Car Dispatch App Report ⑤ Uber

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IMG_2417  We reserve the Uber from tablet.





This time, we were not able to visit the Uber.However, with the help of Uber dispatch app that we downloaded in Japan, were riding from accommodation of Imperial Hotel to the Houses of Parliament.Rates are determined in advance.Pay is convenient because it is credit. We are very convenient for in overseas travel.Drawback for the Japanese, is to enter the destination in English.Place name spelling is that there is no familiar to foreigners.


Through dispatch app, I feel the difference of sense of speed in Japan and overseas. IT utilization is not a problem, such as will be discussed over many years.There is a difference of foreign investors and Japanese industry.Dispatch apps are certainly evolved.But unlike Japan, in the UK and other countries, there is no concept of vehicles for business.Effective use of private cars is approaching the public by the dispatch application utilization. This has been perceived as evolution.Safety regulations do not exist essentially classification for private and business.Only qualitative regulation through the driver’s qualification if familiar with the international standard, pre-dispatch business is noted in the global strategy.Investors of the world will be looking toward that point.In this regard, that the reaction of the Japanese society is slow is disturbing.


Currently, sometimes lousy correspondence of abuse such as Uber executive of personal information has changed the direction of the wind of the mass media, will not for a while Uber to progress.However, dispatch application business to capture human movement information when huge companies that surpass even the nation, such as Google began efforts in earnest, taxi business would also of being retracted as one piece.And because not too late now, you want to expect the emergence of international dispatch app business from Japan.


Incidentally, the one that was originally intended in this visit, there was a taxi sharing ride system. To be able to compete with Uber, Maaxi of dispatch app companies is because had proposed the sharing-ride system.Taxi vans fare has been posted on the Transport for London website. The information obtained When the survey, the actual passengers is small and was in fact not been somehow implemented.Carpool system is to think about servants who are in ideological.
However, information is complicated, it is that still too early to be successful as a business.Personally, carpool system because there is fare system becomes complicated, it is thought to be or not can not be achieved unless combined with a monthly flat-rate unlimited ride system.


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チームネクストin神戸 に参加 配車アプリと神戸観光

2015年7月10日 久しぶりの神戸でした。私の役割は、稲員会長と一緒に、ロンドン合宿の報告です。報


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新経済連盟の提言 「ライドシェア新法」の提案  に関する感想



ロンドン配車アプリ調査② 前提となる予備知識とロンドンの配車アプリビジネス事情

○日本との違い ロンドンのタクシー制度は日本と根本的に2点異なることを理解しておく必要がある。


ニューヨークのタクシーから予測すること ロボットタクシーよりも外国人運転者



London Car Dispatch App Report ①

8th March 2015 we arrived in London Heathrow Airpo



日経ビジネス2015年4月10日に、「セブン銀行が山手線で中国語広告を出したワケ ATMのガラパゴス


ロンドン配車アプリ調査⑤  Uberが投げかけた問題~スピード感の違い~

① Uberへの配車依頼 タブレットから日本でダウンロードしたUberのappにより予


London Car Dispatch App Report ④ Dispatch app business of Addison Lee

In Addison Lee Corp. we got the explanation from M


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○ ロンドンタクシー事情調査 3月中旬にチームネクストの事業として、ロンドンのタクシー事情を調


London Car Dispatch App Report ⑥  Expectation to the birth of Human Logitics Company Through Car Dispatch App

The word "human logistics” which is newly coined b


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QUORA 日中戦争において1937年の南京陥落の時点で陸軍参謀本部は戦争終結を主張したそうですが、なぜ日中戦争はその後も続き泥沼化したのでしょうか?

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KHI・DXB  片道16000円(flydubai)、往復3000

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ラオス・中国国境 ラオス・ボーテン~中国・モーハン①