human geography

TVドラマのエレメンタリーホームズandワトソンのなかで、ホームズがhuman geographyという言葉を使用し、その訳として人の移動としていたので、調べてみた。


human geography の定義

the branch of geography dealing with how human activity affects or is influenced by the earth’s surface.

human geography の例

Readers should not turn to these books if they are expecting original essays on key themes in contemporary human geography .

None of these criticisms, however, detract significantly from what is a major contribution to human geography and urban studies.

Additionally, the transformation of the human geography of societies since colonial times makes it harder for the layman in Africa to attach relevance to all the talk of neo-colonialism.

Add a little data storage and we can traverse the terrain of human geography , logging our footprints in the sands of time and recounting the meaning of our passages.

A major branch of study within archaeology that draws on archaeological, historical geography, human geography , ecology, anthropology, and place-name studies.

As West suggests, ‘in the field of human geography it has long been recognized that one’s perception of an area or region will influence one’s desired use for that space.’

His book anticipated some major methodological developments in human geography in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Research in human geography and related environmental disciplines has not always done much better.

There are no street addresses in Iraq because people define the terrestrial geography using human geography .

After completing an honours degree in human geography , Philip managed transport and distribution for a large Sydney-based importer of footwear and other fashion goods.

In contrast with other subareas of the discipline, the human geography of the service sector has often remained curiously undersocialized.

Prefiguring later surges in academic research, he discussed the urban and global spaces of capital, and the politics of human geography .

It has affected the human geography of our place more than any other force.

A quiet and persistent thinking is certainly one virtue that I have tried to exemplify in my own contributions to the field of human geography .

Such an approach would have permitted an analysis of the relationship between levels of homicides and the development of the California economy and human geography .An expert on human geography has demonstrated significant economic roll-on effects from having only three more families in town.The literature reviewed in these papers is diverse and eclectic – ranging from human geography and economics through to tourism and business.The trip combines aspects of physical and human geography .The case study is detailed and will be of interest to those in anthropology, human geography , and related fields.As the great shift from rural to urban living continues, creating alternatives to moving to large urban areas can make a more distributed lifestyle and human geography viable.


Togo (141) Lome’s Voodoo Market and Urban Landscape  12 – 13 February 2019

I entered the hotel of Rome yesterday and went to


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保護中: JN原稿 観光資源反応譜(音譜に相当)の作成 観光資源の進化研究手法



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保護中: ツィンメルマン電報と トランプ大統領の国境の壁



Zambia (152)Zimbabwe     February 25, 26, 2019

When boarding in Johannesburg, reading of the boa


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新語Skiplagging 「24時間ルール」と「運送と独占の法理」 

BBCの新しい言葉skiplagging BBCで新しい言葉を発見した。ちょうどアフリカ旅行


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DNAで語る日本人起源論 篠田謙一 をよんで(めも)

篠田氏は、義務教育の教科書で、人類の初期拡散の様子を重要事項として取り上げるべきとする。 私も大賛


5月10日 マケドニア

BEG13:20発スコピア到着14:35分のセルビア航空である。 ホテル手配の車が来ていた。 ホ


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中国人白タク問題  運転手派遣業とレンタカーの組み合わせによる新規ビジネス



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Analysis and Future Considerations on Increasing Chinese Travelers and International Travel & Human Logistics Market ⑧

Ⅶ Alaska and Hawaii ~ High latitude tourist site


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 ホテルと旅館『西洋靴事始め』稲川實 現代書館


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およそ130万人 うち20万人弱が海外 日本4万、ドイツ3万5

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ソ連の北方四島占領作戦は、米国の援助のもとで実施されたという「発見」 『さらば!検索サイト』太田昌国著 現代書館