Ghana (140) Road way from Accra to Lome February 11 – 12, 2019

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I headed to Accra from Lagos. The Africa World Airline used was few rows and check-in was easy. The fare is also 16,500 yen so it is not so expensive. It is a company based in Ghana. The boarding gate changed over and over, and finally boarded in a ramp via the ground from the emergency exit instead of the boarding bridge. The seats were made up of one row and two rows of equipment. Accra airport was lively. I was surprised that people at the meeting service were lined up in order. He who had a paper of my name was in the back. But there seemed to be another pickup, I was kept waiting in the car. When I fell asleep in the car and arrived at the Urbano hotel, I forgot my cell phone in the car. I noticed it at the front desk and brought it at once. You must be careful. Airport facilities are better than Lagos, China’s aid?

(About hygiene)
Hygiene is anxious about traveling in Africa. When traveling a few years ago such as Tanzania, there were things for the first time, preparing mosquito coils to insect repellent coatings etc. which are outside the standards of the Japanese government purchased by Amazon. There is nothing better to pay attention to, but you should not be too sensitive. It is best to secure physical strength. Nevertheless, in the Foreign Ministry report, Ghana is worried that 30.5% of the causes of death are outbreaks of infection. Describe malaria, a tropical epidemic throughout the year and deaths if you are late, too much scary and catch up. I was told that my father had experienced malaria in the war in Burma. He was said to be surviving because the heart was strong. It seems that it has increased from 2011 in yellow fever contaminated areas. Mimicry (mosquito) is mediated and the initial symptoms warn you of severe headaches, high mortality diseases beginning with low back pain and fever. Yellow fever vaccination is a condition for entering Ghana. The Yellow Card was effective for a lifetime with one dose, but without knowing it, I thought that 10 years had passed since I abandoned it, so I took it over again. It was a loss of 10,000 yen.

Anti-vaccination movement spreading in Europe was on economists. In Italy, the measles vaccination rate is lower than in Ghana, the number of patients has increased rapidly in France, Serbia and Greece. Italian populism Emilia Romagna states that Remi II is the central city of anti-vaccine. There is a transfer station when I go to San Marino. It is supposed to be attributed to a foreigner, it is said that it is a right-wing political party in modern times that it is poisoned by immigrants of bacteria, but in the article it would have been thought that God was a prime in the past. Cholera rikes also occurred in Japan. It is in the early Meiji period.

(Preliminary preparation such as acquisition of visa)

Embassy of Ghana is located in Nishi-Azabu. The fee is 9440 yen. If you transfer at the Roppongi branch of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, the transfer fee will be free. Companies that make local travel arrangements were posted on the brochure that was at the embassy. I immediately made an inquiry by e-mail. As a result, taxi charges to the border with Togo were $ 150 for driver costs and fuel expenses when using the sedan. It was $ 200 if 4 wd was used. The price was higher than expected. Instead, I canceled the hotel for $ 190 for the Accra City Hotel and changed to the $ 90 Urbano hotel. Booking com can be canceled so thankfully.

Ghana was called the Gold Coast named after the beautiful beach in colonial times. Diamond, gold, and cocoa are produced. Since oil fields were excavated in 2007, the business from Europe and the United States increased considerably. Ghana is the only safe country in West Africa, so you can travel safely. That is why Togo also chose the land route.

The video below is the video around the hotel in the morning. As Hemingway comes out, apart from the fact that the people of Ghana can speak English, he will have something universally accepted. As will be described later, I think that the difference is understood compared to the movie created by the government. The movie of government policy shows that there are extremely few people and cars. Even without such workmanship, people are lively, so the government seems to be more confident.


The next morning, a car came to pick me up. The driver was quiet, but I got trust.
I spent $ 150 on get off at the border. Because he was listening to BBC in the car he should be an expert in English. He did not demand a chip either. The sedan was enough for the car. I thought how bad the road is, but there was no problem on the main road of Africa’s logistics.
However, there were artificial steps to keep the speed down, such as in the village and the gateway of the police. It is rare in Japan, but it is commonplace in other countries. It was good that there were steps, because it would be the same even with four-wheel drive, so it was cheap 50 dollars. The Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Museum does not seem to know the locals very much. But the Japanese association made a donation a few years ago, there was a guide in the hospital premises.

I go to Independence Square. I did not expect it, but it is probably the place of pride of the people of Ghana. It was guided to a building along the roadside that it is a museum. I entered and it was an art gallery. Photography shooting is prohibited. African art has a good sense. There is a feeling that Japanese does not have. However, it may be rude to become part of a faction with Africa. There is also Ghanaian culture. Art is also international fusion, if lovers become internationalized, the difference will fade away. In order to avoid the congestion of the road, after passing the airport terminal all the way, I enter the highway of the trunk line. From there, it did not take three hours to the border.

For the Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Hall, Ms. Tochigi’s next advice was very helpful. “Although it is a Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Hall, Japan is better confused, but there is Laboratory Trace & Memorial Garden where Dr. Noguchi was studied within Korle-bu Hospital. At the University of Ghana (Legong), there is the Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Institute.I think that it is the Korle-bu who wants to go to Teramasa, but in the case of a memorial museum, for Legong Please note that you are going to take it to NOGUCHI MEMORIAL, which refers to the direction of LEGON.

In the BBC ‘s report, it was said that the statue of Indian independence movement leader Mahatma Gandhi, which was established at the University of Ghana in Accra, the capital of western Africa, was removed. Teachers and students seemed to have developed a protest campaign seeking removal as Gandhi discriminated against African black people.

The next video is a road from Accra’s Noguchi Hideyo Memorial Museum to Lome. Self-advertising video of Ghana is posted below, but you will notice that there are few cars and people. In actual Ghana I think that the image of the city that I shot is closer to the current truth.




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