Togo (141) Lome’s Voodoo Market and Urban Landscape  12 – 13 February 2019

公開日: : 最終更新日:2023/05/21 シニアバックパッカーの旅

I entered the hotel of Rome yesterday and went to bed. I was frustrated because I walked back from the daytime backpack. Because there was a jet lag, I always take a break early and decide to get up in the middle of the night.

Résidence Hôtelière Océane Breakfast and free shuttle included 9800 yen 42 rue de la gare lome togo (telephone: +228 90 05 71 29), but there was no free shuttle.

A night has opened at 6 o’clock. It’s cool. It is safe as people are already moving. But the entrance was locked. With a smartphone as one hand, I rely on Goooglemap and head for Independence Square. There were unusual high-rise buildings. When I am taking a picture, it seems like a cardmaker is about to shoot this neighborhood, so it is said to erase the picture. A woman soldier with a carbine gun is also with him, so it is a noise. Once properly erased, well, OK suddenly. It would be such a thing. Perhaps it will be the presidential official residence. But there was a person working in the field nearby, so I did not know well one more thing. They were making vegetables.

At 7 o’clock when I got back to the hotel, I got sweaty. I ate breakfast. Cautiously, I did not eat juice and fruit. In England, tea spread, sugar consumption increased. As a result, sugarcane plantations became popular in the West Indies, requiring slavery. Because tea boils hot water and drinks, it is said that it became prevention of cholera. While thinking about such a thing, I ate breakfast.

I would like to enter Voodoo Market, the biggest destination. I decided to stop by the airport and asked for a taxi at the hotel. It is called Akodessewa Fetish Market. In the net writing, there was an entrance 5000 safer, that is, 10 euros. I got to the market, but the driver seemed unfamiliar, so I heard it. As soon as he heard it turned out. It is said that it is charged for photos etc. as I thought to be a blog. I knew the exchange rate, so he paid 10 euros. There are no other customers. The person in the store had the driver hold the chip. For drivers who did not even know the way, it is a very extraordinary loan.

As expected, no one will buy the souvenir here. It smells, but it does not feel like it smells somewhat. There is a ceremony from November to December. Monkeys, horses and hippo skulls are placed. Just as primitive as the slaughterhouse of developed countries, there are as many markets in other countries that sell live chickens. An era will come when it comes from animal welfare, but at that time, Togo will also grow economically, and it will be perfect tourism.

I arrived at the airport. When I hand the ten euro banknotes to the driver, the driver seems to have no idea of euro banknotes. It seems from the hotel employee that I did not have local currency so paying with euros did not seem to be transmitted. My English may have been bad. Airport attendant explained the euro banknote. It seems that you know that you pay twice the price. He should have a nice day in the morning because he got chips in the market.

Being inside the airport building, Porter gave priority to customers with baggage that he hired himself and was in the security column. I could hardly get in the building. I only have backpacks and I’m lined up early, so I let you through me as soon as possible.
I checked in electronically, but I was not sure if I registered Star Alliance’s number and went to the counter. It seemed that the counter staff did not know how to enter the number, and it took 30 minutes to listen and input to the next person many times. Without a lounge card, as I experienced in Senegal, I had trouble, so I got a card. At Addis Ababa, it was eventually possible to enter the lounge with ANA gold.


アフラオ国境 Aflao Border


🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 11月2日 チームネクスト合宿 in ニューヨーク 2日目 ニューヨークタイムズ観光部訪問

11月2日 朝は、ニューヨークタイムズ社に行く。タクシーJapanの熊沢さんが立派な説明資料を


🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 ⑥ 5月21日夜22日朝のヤンゴン市内観光

21日夜6時 ゴールデンロックからヤンゴンに戻る。途中でシェッタゴンバヤーが見れた。 ガイドさ


🌍🎒シニアバックバッカーへの道  1992年6月14日~27日 JR東時代 ⑻ペンシルバニア州アーミッシュ村 ⑼ニュージャージー州アトランティックシティ ⑽マサチューセッツ州ボストン

鉄道空港全線走破を思いつく 航空局経理補給課長からJR東開発事業本部担当部長へ出向 日本の空


no image

🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーへの道 1997年3月7日~14日 物流企画課長 香港・ベトナム(国連加盟国22か国目)



🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 2019年9月12日朝 盧溝橋へ

2019年9月12日アルバム https://photos.google.com/albu


🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2022年8月29日 ムンバイの昼 洗濯場、ヒンドゥ教の祭り、スラム街観光 



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 モンゴル(国連加盟国68か国目)国フブスグル地区紀行~トナカイとシャマンとドロ━ン(1)~



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🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2019.10.15 シンガポール新嘉坡(国連加盟国7か国目)

DRW MI804 SIN 1:30 SQ5204 4:45


🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 2019年9月11日 午後新幹線で(21)天津直轄市

2019年9月12日 アルバム https://photos.google.com/album


🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 ロンドン配車アプリ調査② 前提となる予備知識とロンドンの配車アプリビジネス事情どう

○日本との違い ロンドンのタクシー制度は日本と根本的に2点異なることを理解しておく必要がある。