Addis Ababa, the first time in a while, transit

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I stayed at a hotel for transit by arranging for Ethiopian air. Initially I was fortunate because I intended to be a campus at the airport.
Addis Ababa ‘s transit, as described on the net, was handed a hotel ticket at the boarding gate as a sheduled layover. Half day stay and breakfast. Because the fare is 63,400 yen, it would be better to collect customers as it is still. I make use of transit to make it attractive by routes connecting with third countries, Ethiopia, and third countries. The fare is 222200 × OFF and the tax is 63600 × OFF.

Immigration procedures were simple. Normally follow the entry window and show the accomodation vaucher, you did not have a visa. There was a hotel desk at the exit counter. They will show us to each hotel booth. However, if you do not know about that, it will be frustrating. While entering the country, you may go to the hotel yourself after entering the country. I know about the next morning because it is on vaucher. Ambassador Hotel Addis Ababa. Not bad, but lack of maintenance. There seems to be a meeting of government agencies, so it is a suitable hotel. Although it was first-class in the past from the name, it probably became obsolete with the times. For Ethiopian Airlines transit customers it is perfect. I checked it out in the morning. The bus seems to come at any time. Ethiopia was slightly more than when I came last time, but I had an impression of economic growth. The airport around was a bit clean. As there is a Star Alliance gold card, I could easily leave the country as I went along with Fast Track. The lounge was also available for business use. I continued to fly above Somalia toward the Indian Ocean. Economy class was also available, and it was used by the former wide triple occupancy seat alone. It was comfortable.

Ethiopia is a country where overseas payload of 980 yen is not applied, so you have to turn off roaming.



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