The beginning of the trip is Dubai. Then Nigeria (139). Lagos transit trip February 11, 2019

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I accumulated 100,000 miles for one-world mileage.  Since Emirates Airlines, which is jointly operated with JAL, was also eligible for this mile, I made a travel plan based around Lagos and Johannesburg, mainly in Tokyo and Dubai.  As a result I decided to go around with Lagos, Accra, Lome,, Addis Ababa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comoros, Nambias, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Zambia and Johannesburg.

It is my first visit to Emirates Airlines and I was looking forward to experiencing that reputable business class.  Dubai · Lagos flight can not be taken easily, but because it was business it was easy to book.   Of course we bought airlines far from Lagos on economy but in Africa the air fares were higher than in the Caribbean and Central Asia. To be accurate, taxes were high. 

To be accurate, taxes were high. About 19 times of boarding paid this time, nearly half of 480,000 yen was tax. In addition, it costed more than 50,000 yen to obtain visas for each country. This is also the cause of the cheapness of traveling in developed countries such as Europe. The accommodation cost depends on the grade, but it can be thought that it is almost the same as other areas.

However, because there is psychological concern in terms of hygiene, 2 stars and 3 stars can be used in Europe, but it is still expensive as it selects high places by all means 4 stars etc. Also, public transportation is hard to use. In regions where main taxis and jeepneys are dominant, these can not be used by tourists unless there are so many things, so you will use a taxi. However, taxis are also difficult to understand the price level and it is hard to use.

(Electronic check-in)

On the 8th night, an email came from Emirates. It is an electronic check-in notification. I checked in immediately. At the baggage, was asked about the battery of the smartphone, answered YES, NO in reverse, there is guidance that we can not check-in then it is finally completed by answering. I feel insufficient English reading comprehension. Besides the Emirates, British Airways, South African Airlines, Seychelles Airlines etc were also able to check in electronic. However, the structure at the airport at the heart was inadequate, and there were many cases that did not go well. I often got a paper boarding pass. I only have time and trouble because I only have carry-on luggage. Therefore, I always tried to arrive at the airport at least two hours before.


Temperature on the tenth day of departure was low, I went out wearing Heattech and jacket for the time being. As a result, it is ironic that in Africa it was not necessary to take measures against cold at all, and what was needed was cooling in the airplane. If the jacket and extra underwear disappeared from the backpack, it would have made a more convenient and comfortable journey.

I got on Emirates’ business for the first time. I thought that one world was Qatar so far, but because Japan Airlines is operating jointly with Emirates, I learned that the award tickets can be used. Service is the same between Qatar and the Emirates. Just because the long-distance night flight aircraft is two-story, because the structure is like going up the stairs of the royal palace at the entrance, it feels gorgeous.

(Emirates Airlines)

The first glimpse of the glimpse is that it is not a perfect private room but a wider space than a business. Although meals etc may be different, it is irrelevant to me during dieting. Also, it is no longer necessary to build human relations in the cabin, so even if you use it, business is sufficient. It is an idea that will be adopted when automated driving vehicles become popular in the future when business and first class are using the limited in-flight space well. Automatic driving vehicles can also arrive at their destination while sleeping. You can also drink sake. Although there is no cabin attendant.

(Movie in the road)


(The journey begins in Dubai)

Sometimes it was five o’clock in the morning, I could enter the country twenty minutes after the landing. It was the first time to enter from the mainstream Terminal 2. Last time was Terminal 3 of the migrant workers’ main route. Last time I walked to the station in Metro Dubai, I remember having gone by the heat. Buy a red regular card at Metro Dubai. It was 22 Dubai. Deposit is expensive. The union of the transfer station from the red line to the green line, migrant workers come to us.  The outside was dark, I went to the end point Creek and decided to return to Las Station by departure. By the time we get to Las. I got crammed up. A sightseeing dow ship was moored in Creek. I took a walk on Goldseek. Trust in money shows the limits of human wisdom. The dollar is used, but now we can not help using the formulation of the universe. A cruise ship was moored. There was also a report that Queen Elizabeth was to be moored as well. It shows the power of Dubai.

I entered the country again. I looked for a business lounge. First lounge is separate from business lounge. Dubai has many senior customer base. There was a floor for a nap, but Doha is slightly better. For Lagos, because it was daytime flight, it was an ordinary seat.

The terminal of Emirates is big, and the boarding gate for Lagos was located at the edge of the terminal. He said that Lagos flight can accommodate 13 languages.

Bohemian Rhapsody was in the cinema movie. On the return flight of Emirates, I saw a green book and a star born · Ally and shoplifting family. These are Academy Award candidate works.

I learned that Green Book is about the one where black people can stay, but in Japan the ryokan company is making illegal inhabitants. It seems that green is the name of a person.

Lady gaga was at Ally. I remembered Lady Caga that made it a little parody in Kaga city. Queen is the same in the United States, but I think whether regional tourism is important. Whether it is television appearance in Japan.

Words are meaningful and acquired, but music has a common constancy of humanity. Any sad songs sounds sad and fun songs sound fun for everyone. Of course, I also read books that people have a headache only by listening to music, but in general there will be commonality. Therefore, a world big star is born. I always think that if it can logically prove that, it will also develop tourism.

At the exit of Lagos airport, a lady at a taxi booth called me. The taxi cost is 30 dollars for roundtrip airport and city. Since it is the same as prior information, I decided to use it. She showed me to the platform. I am talking to the driver. I showed pictures of the church, but it seems that the road is too crowded and impossible. I decided to go, but on the way I thought it would be better to turn back.

I used DoCoMo packet pack for the first time. I saw the google map. I saw where I am now, but I was still at the airport. If I thought that it was impossible to go to the city center of Lagos, the church taken to the driver was different. The driver thought that I would like to go to the church and took me to the big church nearby. There is no time because there is not time. I think a little about Lagos’ s feelings. Luxurious Lagos who is always watching at CNN has been deposited.


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