Manuscript for NPO corporation Japan Now  What was visible from a trip in the southern part of the continent of Africa

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From 10th to 27th February 2019, I traveled to 14 countries in the southern part of Africa. I made all arrangements with my own confidence by making use of Google flights for aircraft reservations, Booking.com for in-house arrangements and Viator for local tours. Although there were 23 times to board the aircraft, I got used to it, so I never made a reservation mistake or change. Since airline companies also provide information such as electronic check-in, large failures are no longer occurring.

Even so, I am surprised by the high air fares in Africa, and I am surprised that the tax is higher than that. I was also bothered by my visa acquisition. The reason why the number of foreign visitors to Japan increased sharply was that the traveler was able to realize that the sense of inexpensiveness of air fares and the abolition of visas etc are great.

  When I traveled in ASEAN countries at that time, infrastructure development was delayed and I was surprised by traffic congestion. In addition, sanitary condition was not good, too much attention to meals etc.  But the city and people in the city were lively.  In the future, LCC will be introduced to African countries, and ordinary people will be going out for overseas trips as well.

  The difference in the presence of Japan, China and Korea in central and southern Africa was recognized again.  When I was walking down the street, I was greeted in Nihao and Chinese without exception.  It was about time that I was invited to speak in Japanese when I showed my passport at the immigration.  I do not see Japanese even though I see Chinese in display on the cabin. At the airport, I also saw an indication that it was built with the help of the Chinese government.

In the Namib Desert I participated in the local tour of the local 2 nights 3 days. A total of 13 people, I was the oldest adopter of the tears. Young people from Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong etc were also participating. In the area, I saw many Korean tourists as there are tour companies dedicated to Koreans. When I introduce myself, Shuichi makes it difficult to pronounce and to say sushi. As everyone knows sushi, the participants soon learned my name. It may be more famous than Toyota. On the television, Dragon Ball and Pokemon were also on air. I realized that the fact that inbound (simultaneous outbound) is exciting is a phenomenon occurring all over the world.


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🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 世界人流観光施策風土記 2017年9月 フィリピンはマニラの観光・交通事情 承前

フィリピンの首都マニラに9月11日から15日まで、チームネクストの調査に参加する。 フィリピンは今


🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2019.9.26 マーシャル諸島共和国 国連加盟国135か国目 マジュロMAJ 



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーへの道 2009年8月3日 ハンガリー(国連加盟国48か国目)



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅  2014年2月 ボリビア(国連加盟国61)ラパス

ラパスからウユニ湖に行き、ウユニ湖からラパスに戻る。  ラパスからサンチャゴに戻る途中、アタカマ砂漠


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🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2022年4月30日 ランプドゥーサ島(パレルモから日帰り)



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2020年1月25~28日 マイアミ経由ガイアナ(国連加盟国144か国目) 



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2014年8月9日~12日 平壌、開城、板門店(2)



🌍🎒シニアバックパッカーの旅 2012年5月 夫婦で旅行 ボスニアヘルツェゴビナ(国連加盟国54)

ボスニアヘルツェゴビナ(国連加盟国54か国目) 上記地図でわかるように、ドブロクニクへ行くには、ボ


🌍🎒 🚖シニアバックパッカーの旅 動画で見る世界人流観光施策風土記 マニラの観光事情 シェアリング体験とダークツーリズム

1マニラのライドシェリング事情 マニラのライドシェア動画 https://www.faceb


Seychelles (142)       15th – 16th February 2019

I took off Addis Ababa, flew over Somalia, and ar