CUBA③ 10th NOV 2016  Havana Train Station  & Flight Cancellation

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Morning walk. I went out to the train station and Chinatown. Cuba, like a classic car, is supposed to be a major tourist resource for railway fans, but the railway station is sad.

I tried to shoot the waiting room and it was said that it was not good. But, I could not be told anything in the waiting room next to that. It may be military secrecy on regulation. On the contrary, there were Cubans who took pictures together. He said he wants a dollar when he finishes taking a picture.


There seems to be a plan for a new station building. A plan is out on the construction site. There was a railroad park beside the station. It is a railroad park where everything exists for amateurs. Because it might be a treasure troublesome to maniacs, it is included in the photograph.

I often saw a hitchhiker from a taxi to the airport. It’s easy to understand because it shows a bill and hitchhikes. Canceling information when I arrive at the airport. Because my shudule is via Colombia, it was affordable and it did not have much effect on the next journey.

The hotel was a first-class hotel named MELIA. I can spare the phone three minutes, but mail is more convenient. The pick-up from Guatemala Airport will be changed only from morning to night, and it is completed by e-mail. The San Salvador trip the next day was okay.
From the airport to the hotel, an Indian-based American living in New York came on board. He seems to be the first experience. He also said he came to see Cuba before the change. It is the same as yesterday British couple. According to him, it seems that ten times as many Americans have come as cruises.MELIA, prepared for canceled flight, had many groups who thought it was a cruise customer. The location is on the coast and the scenery is preeminent, but it is slightly inconvenient to walk around like me.
MELIA, prepared for canceled flight, had many groups who thought it was a cruise customer. The location is on the coast and the scenery is preeminent, but it is slightly inconvenient to walk around like me.

November 11

The departure lobby of Cuba Airport was as lively as it was arrival. But since the scale is small, it will be expanded. The entrance of the airport reminded North Korea. Spain, Paris and various parts of Europe are connected.

Tourism in Cuba will grow sharply from now due to the increase in the number of visits by Americans.According to the estimate of 2015, it seems that 500,000 people will increase to 3.5 million, so it is even more so in 2016.Three times as many Americans as the Canadians who are 800,000 will come to visit.That alone amounts to 2.4 million people, but other Caribbean countries have a decreasing bent.The statistics of tourism in Cuba are inadequate, and no comparison between cruise and AIR was found. I did not know the length of stay of tourists. It is now.


2⃣ 3 2018年8月10日  バルセロナ・カタルーニア(124)、ZARGOZA パンプローナ泊

< strong>カタルーニャ バルセロナ 13:25発 2号車9C AVE


 昆明、石林、九郷、麗江、束河、成都の旅 2017年 9月15日~18日

 雲南、四川の観光  中国は国内観光需要が旺盛で、有名観光地はどこも山手線並みの混雑で、身


ガーナ(140)入国・アクラからロメへの陸路の道中 2019年2月11日~12日  



満洲里から綏芬河への列車の旅 24時間

動画 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipORcwc8Za



 8th Nov. 2016  I left Kingston early in the mo


北中米旅行記④ 11月8日 ケイマンからキューバ入国

◎ブルーマウンティン  キングストンからハバナ行のカリブ航空の航空運賃は183ドル。これに税金負荷


5月12日 成田から西安へ 13日 城壁、大雁塔、華清池、兵馬俑、始皇帝陵

12日 ユーラシア旅行社の企画旅行に参加。チベットには団体旅行に参加しないと現実的にはいくことができ


[162]2019.10.07 仏海外領 ウォリス・フツナ



1⃣ 4 2018.8.5 Isle of Man(120カ所目)



Future of Battlefield-tourism, including Mongolia

China and Russia  Even in just two weeks of Mon


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『動物たちの悲鳴』National Geographic 2019年6月号

観光と動物とSNS https://natgeo.nikkei

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ジャパンナウ原稿 人流大国・中国


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中国の観光アウトバウンド政策公研No.675 pp45-46

倉田徹立教大学法学部教授 1997年にアジア通貨危機、2003

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聴覚   空間の解像度は視覚が強く、時間の分解度は聴覚が強い。人間の脳は、より信用できる方に重きを置いて最終決定する

人間の脳は、より信用できる方に重きを置いて最終決定する 聴覚が直接

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p.236 細川護熙首相がアメリカ政府高官から北朝鮮の情勢が緊迫して