CUBA③ 10th NOV 2016  Havana Train Station  & Flight Cancellation

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Morning walk. I went out to the train station and Chinatown. Cuba, like a classic car, is supposed to be a major tourist resource for railway fans, but the railway station is sad.

I tried to shoot the waiting room and it was said that it was not good. But, I could not be told anything in the waiting room next to that. It may be military secrecy on regulation. On the contrary, there were Cubans who took pictures together. He said he wants a dollar when he finishes taking a picture.


There seems to be a plan for a new station building. A plan is out on the construction site. There was a railroad park beside the station. It is a railroad park where everything exists for amateurs. Because it might be a treasure troublesome to maniacs, it is included in the photograph.

I often saw a hitchhiker from a taxi to the airport. It’s easy to understand because it shows a bill and hitchhikes. Canceling information when I arrive at the airport. Because my shudule is via Colombia, it was affordable and it did not have much effect on the next journey.

The hotel was a first-class hotel named MELIA. I can spare the phone three minutes, but mail is more convenient. The pick-up from Guatemala Airport will be changed only from morning to night, and it is completed by e-mail. The San Salvador trip the next day was okay.
From the airport to the hotel, an Indian-based American living in New York came on board. He seems to be the first experience. He also said he came to see Cuba before the change. It is the same as yesterday British couple. According to him, it seems that ten times as many Americans have come as cruises.MELIA, prepared for canceled flight, had many groups who thought it was a cruise customer. The location is on the coast and the scenery is preeminent, but it is slightly inconvenient to walk around like me.
MELIA, prepared for canceled flight, had many groups who thought it was a cruise customer. The location is on the coast and the scenery is preeminent, but it is slightly inconvenient to walk around like me.

November 11

The departure lobby of Cuba Airport was as lively as it was arrival. But since the scale is small, it will be expanded. The entrance of the airport reminded North Korea. Spain, Paris and various parts of Europe are connected.

Tourism in Cuba will grow sharply from now due to the increase in the number of visits by Americans.According to the estimate of 2015, it seems that 500,000 people will increase to 3.5 million, so it is even more so in 2016.Three times as many Americans as the Canadians who are 800,000 will come to visit.That alone amounts to 2.4 million people, but other Caribbean countries have a decreasing bent.The statistics of tourism in Cuba are inadequate, and no comparison between cruise and AIR was found. I did not know the length of stay of tourists. It is now.


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『ビルマ商人の日本訪問記』1936年ウ・ラフ著土橋康子訳 大阪は「東洋のベニス」

1936年の日本を見たビルマ人の記述である 1936年当時の大阪市は人口三百万、町全体に大小


⑥ 5月21日夜22日朝のヤンゴン市内観光

21日夜6時 ゴールデンロックからヤンゴンに戻る。途中でシェッタゴンバヤーが見れた。 ガイドさ


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杭州 人口918.8万人一人あたりGDP 約170万円



バルト三国とヘルシンキ 世界遺産の旅



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1⃣ 英国編(2018年8月2日~8日) 8月2日 FORTH橋を見てエジンバラに入る



11月18日午後 ハルピンの安重根記念館 サンフランシスコのForgotten Camp

動画 https://www.facebook.com/shuichi.teramae/video


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5月22日 チベットからの帰国後のこと

〇ヒマラヤ登山 機内で読んだ中国の新聞記事。14日に、両足義足の、私と同年六十九歳の中国人登山


2-④ 2018年9月16日午後バクーからカザフスタン(135)・アルマトイへ

GYD 13:00発 KC112  ALA 18:15着 エアアスタナでアルマトイに


保護中: 岡部伸『消えたヤルタ密約緊急電』


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QUORA 香港国家安全法制は怖くない

この回答は次の質問に対するQuora英語版でのJohn Chiuさん

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保護中: UORA 不平等条約答えは長州藩と明治政府のせいです。今回に限って言えば、長州藩と明治政府が不平等になるように改悪した原因なのです。


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保護中: QUORA 世界で日本人だけできていないと思われることは何ですか?

世界で日本人だけできていないと思われることは何ですか? そもそ

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保護中: QUORA 伊藤博文公は、当初朝鮮併合に関しては反対だったって話ですが、実際は如何でしょうか?