November 3, 2016   Survey report No.3 on taxi dispatch application and tourism advertisement in New York by Japanese taxi business CEOs

公開日: : 最終更新日:2023/05/20 シニアバックパッカーの旅, ライドシェア, 配車アプリ

   We visited the New York City Tourism Board.

   Due to the policy change of the Mayor of New York, the New York Tourism Bureau seems to be a private outsider group from the direct operation of the city hall. I remember that the governor of Nagano Prefecture of Japan handled the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association. I remember well as I was COO of the Japan Tourism Association. Governor Tanaka put the staff of the airline company as the head of the Tourism Association and became a reputation in the press. The mayor did the same thing in New York.

   It became Uber’s story. According to the received data, both Uber and Lyft are members. The gray line I visited yesterday is also a member. I asked the relationship with Washington and other regions where competing with other regions, but there was not much clearer answer. We will do it jointly, but they should stop by posting even one poster. If you are in the government, you do not think much about cost effectiveness, but it will be even more difficult if you are directly connected to business.
  Coincidentally, in the Yahoo News, there was an article saying “Why Airbnb is forbidden in New York where the world’s best hotel fee is high”.I will make you think, so I would like to describe it in detail afterward.Briefly, tourists do not have the right to vote, so even if complaining, the legislators can ignore it. However, local hotel companies have voting rights and can not be ignored. It is a sign of this.

   In the afternoon, We visited AIR CHATER TAXI. The head office is in London. It is a company that arranges air transport of man and goods. With offices throughout the world, there are five offices in the United States in the United States. There are 364 employees in all. It seems to have started with two founder from the basement in London. They began arranging for passenger transport from 2004 and passenger sales exceeded half in 2006.The current sales volume is 48 million dollars last year. Because the annual trip is 10,000 times, the cargo is halved, and it is 240,000 yen per time. If it is an order fee it may be highly profitable.Competition is intense and it seems that it is a profit ratio of 5, 6%. They are not actual carriers. It is a forwarder in the field of cargo.
Since it is a travel industry in the field of passengers, Uber is also the same type.It is said that it is used by athletes, entertainers, business owners and professional staff.It is a market that competes with the upper part of the first class of route aviation. They can not target ultra-rich people who can fly around with our own private jet. It seems that it aims at a layer which Qatar and Emirates’ first class can not satisfy. Such a layer will exist in the United States as a business and it will be going around the whole country throughout the whole country.
   Narita in Japan finally began to land the private jet. It is interesting that it will be possible for team members to undertake ground arrangement of that layer.However, it seems that it will take time to popularize in the aviation situation in Japan, China will be earlier.In the case of China, it seems that Chinese capital and overseas Chinese capital are likely to start rather than American western capital.Mr. Nemoto who has a pilot license was eagerly asked questions. I’d love to connect with new business.



シニアバックパッカーの旅 5月19日 旅の終わりはアラブ首長国連邦・ドバイ(国連加盟国99か国目)

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シニアバックパッカーの旅 2015年3月 リトアニア(国連加盟国66か国目)

ビルニス ヘルシンキから空路ジェット機で90分。ヘルシンキとの往復3万円程度である。航空会社の方


配車アプリの話題と将来  Hailoと提携しているナニワ交通を訪問して

○巨額投資を呼び込む配車アプリ会社 タクシーアプリが話題になっています。Hailo等はロンドン


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旅館業法論議 無宿人保護(旅館業法)と店子保護(不動産賃貸)の歴史 

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旅館業法の「宿泊拒否」箇所を削除、衆院委で改正案を可決 2023年5月27日読売新聞記事


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