November 2, 2016   Survey report No.2 on taxi dispatch application and tourism advertisement in New York by Japanese taxi business CEOs

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   We went to the New York Times. In the New York Times, the advertising department person responded. We were surprised because coffee and fruit were prepared in the room. People of the New York Times were full of expectations that we would bring business opportunities from Japan hosting the Olympic Games in 2020. The arrangement feeling of JTB was good. Michael Smith, an interpreter, has a mother who is Japanese. He is bilingual who lived in Kobe as a high school student. It is a skilled skill that he also interpreted Clinton and Trump. Even listening to an interpreter, I was surprised at the ability to understand and explain the contents more than the speaker. After all, his relationship with JTB will be long. When I asked Mr. Michael about the impression of using Human Logistics as a translation of “人流”, it was said that it feels human trafficking feeling. It is because there is a word of Human trafficking. He says that Logistics for Human is better. It was helpful.
   It is a fact known in Japan that the New York Times is a quarity paper and there are many social influential readers. It is the same as the Asahi Shimbun. It seems that annual subscription fee is 100,000 yen (thousand dollars), and there are 300,000 subscribers. Although it is calculated sales revenue of 30 billion yen, advertising revenue will be large. Since it is the Internet age, they said that they are considering new advertising revenues. They collaborated with Google to collaborate articles and advertisements, they explained. We showed the application of VR. Unfortunately, my smartphone was an i-phone so I could not use it. Opinions were exchanged on the theme of how to sell Japanese tourism to the world’s wealthy people for the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is unexpected development. Although Uber was talked about by saying that it was opposite, Airbnb is incorporating advertisement. They do not seem to oppose the sharing economy.

he popular article of the New York Times is TRAVEL 52 PLECES TO GO in 2016. Looking inside, there is a column called 36 Hours. Speaking in Japan it is a hundred places of choice. Cuba was just out. It is a hand of excellent reporters, and it was introduced as a sample for advertisement and article collaboration. We talked about the advertisement fee, but it was that we will respond to consultation later. That would be so.

I went to the shop of CUPS near Times Square at lunch time. It is one of the all – you – can – drink coffee shop for the month. Although there seems to be a drinking-all-you-can-ask system at first, when asked, it was only those who paid individually.

We visited Gray Line in the afternoon. HOP ON & OFF, sightseeing boats around Manhattan island, airport limousines and so on. They are also handling pickups at airports throughout the country. It is a company similar to “Hato bus” in Tokyo. The name of VELTRA came out. The fee is 20%. Because Uber is that much, it may be an international exchange rate. For those traveling from the United States to Japan, it became a question whether we can secure legs in Japan together. Advertisement of Lyft called “HOP TO IT” appeared in the company’s HOP ON & OFF brochure. It seems like you can get a $ 20 free ticket.

In the evening, we took a sightseeing bus “RIDE” recommended by Mr. Nozoe who developed a JERON taxi at JTB. Like the Superview Odoriko running by JR East Japan, it is a sightseeing bus that sets all the seats towards the left in the direction of travel so that you can enjoy the street performance on the road. The meeting place is 42 Th. There was a futuristic musical in the musical, but I understood the atmosphere in which the title was given. I could have enjoyed enough although the street performers could have been a little more. However, because it costs more than 10,000 yen, I can not participate many times. The customers were multinational with Australia, Italy, Chile, Japan and so on.


London Car Dispatch App Report ④ Dispatch app business of Addison Lee

In Addison Lee Corp. we got the explanation from M


シニアバックパッカーへの道 気象庁時代 2002年1月 南鳥島観測所、富士山測候所



シニアバックパッカーの旅 2018年9月15日午前 ベラルーシ(国連加盟国113か国目) ミンスク

ミンスク第2空港     Architectural


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シニアバックパッカーの旅 2019.10.15 シンガポール新嘉坡(国連加盟国7か国目)

DRW MI804 SIN 1:30 SQ5204 4:45


November 1, 2016   Survey report No.1 on taxi dispatch application and tourism advertisement in New York by Japanese taxi business CEOs

We gathered at Narita Airport. It is departure at


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新経済連盟の提言 「ライドシェア新法」の提案  に関する感想



Namibia · Windhoek (147) February 18th 2019

(Nambi massacre and Germany) I knew the Helle-


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いよいよ定額乗り放題タクシーが始まりました。 福岡の模様がテレビ東京のワールドサテライトビジネスで


シニアバックパッカーの旅 2014年2月17日、18日 沖縄 西表島など

米軍占領下の沖縄貨幣経済 B円 B円(ビーえん)は、1945年から1958年9月まで、米


シニアバックパッカーへの道 2007年8月12日 ボツワナ 国連加盟国36か国目 チョベ国立公園



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観光資源を考えると、言語とは何かに行き着くこととなる。 愛聴視し

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世界の運営を米国でなく中露に任せる 2023年6月7日  田中 宇




旅籠とコンテナは元来同義 自動運転時代を予感 『旅館業の変遷史論考』木村吾郎


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旅館業法論議 無宿人保護(旅館業法)と店子保護(不動産賃貸)の歴史 

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