Zambia (152)Zimbabwe     February 25, 26, 2019

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When boarding in Johannesburg, reading of the boarding pass was not successful and asked if the staff does not have visa. If it says to acquire an arrival visa, it is said to wait aside. She seemed to be able to confirm from the screen after a while, she said that he forgot about visa, it’s enough. For electronic check-in, I would like you to practice reading.

Above Botuana, I saw a huge salt lake. The road is straight. I was worried excessively that the driver was liable to cause an accident. When I came last time, there was a memory that I could see the fumes from the plane, but this time I left the seat and I could not see the waterfall of the waterfall. Japanese groups are sitting on the right side, so it may be visible from the right side. There are about 10 people in line with the common visa line and they are Korean group customers. The other lines were long lines. We are issuing visas and entering immigration at the same time. But in Malawi I was again allowed to enter the country. I am glad I could enter the country immediately in Zambia.

The driver came. I decided to have the waterfall go to the destination until my inn. I also asked to send the airport tomorrow. Together with the waterfalls, we paid 25 euro. Because there is no dollar. The hotel is an Italian restaurant on the Google map. About 10 rooms are installed. When I checked in, I asked how much it was booking com, so I showed the app and said it was 40.5 dollars, I paid with credit card in local currency.

There is a mosquito net in the room. It is an accommodation that I liked and chose. However, windows are nothing but insecticides. The ceiling is a toch. Outer moonlight comes in. Small insects came into the mosquito net, but there were no mosquitoes.
 I had my driver take him to a big baobab tree. As I climbed the stairs, I saw smoke. There was also fruit of Baobab. It seems to be Babu. There was one item sold by the Baobab tree. It was troublesome so I bid it a dollar. I go to the gate of the waterfall. Admission is $ 20, cash. Write your name. The waterfall viewing area is soaked with water spray. I thought whether I could go to Zimbabwe like this, but it is not quite the same. It seems that I have to go out and go to the border once. I drink a cola on the way of my thirst. Two dollars was expensive but delicious. I could pay it with a card. Large-sized trucks await procedures for the process. Both leaving and entering the country gave us a stamp as soon as I showed a common visa. Admission to the waterfall on Zimbabwe side was $ 30. I used a card. The first waterfall and the last bridge have memories. The name was not hindered. A rainbow appeared and it was beautiful. The Zimbabwe side is more expensive as there is a distance. I think that the entrance to Galapagos was 10000 yen. I met a Hong Kong woman who was together in the desert along the way. It was like I stuck to the young man in Taiwan. Chinese intellectuals such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore can make Mandarin and common languages, so they will be able to communicate. Of course I can talk in English. Even in such a place, Japanese people have handicaps. When I got to the place where I could see the innermost bridge, there was a lady who was in the sketch. become a drawing. Unlike in the past, there was a big sign. I felt my return for a long time. The appointed time with the driver is five o’clock. Also meet young people in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Next time we talked a bit. In 1970 I talked about the first time I went to Hong Kong Taiwan. I was told that it was a tea, but I declined the promise of the car, so I declined the business card with them. I will return to the hotel by taxi. On the way, a pebble was splashed and a crack appeared on the windshield of the car. Dangerous. I will check tomorrow and enter the room. Taking a shower and eating the rest of the breakfast’s big sandwich with black tea became full of stomachs. I also thought about eating with Italy and wine at a restaurant, but I was alone, and I had fun for tomorrow. I heard a train whistle many times in the bed. It is nostalgic. Someone knocks on the door when I am asleep with turning off the light. I became uneasy. It should have closed the door key, but it will be tough as it opens. But, I said something and went back. When I examined it was a cold PET bottle. I am thankful. It was delicious because it boiled the pot water and was drinking it. Did you sleep well.

At six o’clock in the morning, I heard the sound of a big bell. The morning walk was 7,500 steps. A traffic accident occurred in front of the main street. According to the left side of the track for industrial waste, the passenger car between the shoulder and the shoulder contacted the shoulder, and also contacted the truck. The accident happened because the truck dropped to the left side due to insufficient confirmation and the passenger car overcame the truck from the inside. Two children attending school were on board a passenger car. I got off quickly and went to school. In the explanation of the statue of the statue of Livingstone in front of the museum, he is a slave abolitionist. I think the bronze statue will be hot in military uniforms. There was also Bunkimun’s bust of the United Nations president. It contributed to tourism development. Every child at school has a bad shape. It is an upper class in Zambia. In this country too, leaders are secured sufficiently, so if the middle class is higher, economic growth will be no mistake. When I went to the train station, there was a passenger train. I do not know whether it is a selling or a passenger, but it is a crowd. There was a timetable attached. The number is small. The fare has large disparities between classes, ten times. I will have breakfast at the hotel. I made it to an English breakfast. The beans were good. There was a cat. When I do a little dividing, another one comes. Perhaps there is a hierarchy of cats. Every world is serious. The indication of whether Wi – Fi can be used in the room is also paper weight. It can hardly be used if the wifi in the lobby only fly. A taxi came in early. The windshield remains cracked.
I do not say anything if I do not notice that I shaved my beard. Mail entered and I had to meet Niigata Academy staff before grandchildren. So I shaved off the beard. When you get off at the airport you pay $ 20 last. Then I heard yesterday’s missing. I forgot to pay ten dollars when I arrived at the hotel from the waterfall yesterday. I do not think there should be such a thing. Is it confusing that you gave 25 in euros? It may be that which part has shifted due to English interaction. Again, it is easy to do when the person arranging through the hotel has disputed. The airport did not have an airline lounge as expected. I killed time in the waiting room for a while. There is no free Wi – Fi, but it is within docomo ‘s budget packet communication time, so it is not a problem. The airport is still many white people. It is as the name of Victoria. The influence of China is that there was one Chinese food on the way to the waterfall. But it will be stained with Chinese in no time





On the way home we arrived in order of Johannesburg, Dubai and Haneda and returned home around 10 p.m. on the 27th. However, I forgot the i – phone code in the plane. Although it failed, this trip was really good after having done with this degree of failure.


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