The use of “History Recognition” as a force to travel the people and Demonstration experiment to understand the sensibility by using a wearable device

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The use of “History Recognition” as a force to travel the people and
Demonstration experiment to understand the sensibility by using a wearable device
Teramae Shuichi

If you thought the human logistics concept, it hits the proposition that there is a law of the human behavior. Therefore, by performing a sensitivity grasp demonstration incident using a wearable device, it explored the direction of the future of tourism studies.  As can be seen in the uproar over the World Heritage Site of the warship Island, historical recognition is a major force for moving the people. Also demonstrated by experiments, if there is a guide of explanation, interestingness was higher. It is a major topic for future research to analyze the history recognized as a human logistics resources.

Keyword: human logistics, wearable device, recognition of history, dark tourism, sensitivity analyzer

1 The basic viewpoint of human logistics theory
Considering whether to discuss the tourism for the sake of what, I feel a limit to the use of the tourism concept. As a result, it advocates a “human logistics” concept that corresponds to the logistics concept. “Human logistics” has been used in the white paper of Ministry of Transport and the like.
  Between Japan and China and South Korea, with respect to the registration of Warship Island as a World Heritage Site and the Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women as a “memory heritage”, they have become diplomatic problems. Among the “Meiji Japan’s industrial revolution heritage”, the number of search of the warship Island by Google was 800,000. Since the search number related to Hashino Steel Mountain Blast Furnace Ruins was 10,000 items, as the value of resources to move the people, Warship Island is superior. In the case of the industrial heritage registration with attention to attract customers of the resources (to get a reputation as a cultural property), it is necessary prepared to abide a reaction to the results generated (act that does not recognize the cultural value). The intensity of the stimulus for the storage is determined by the degree of exposure to the media. The more diplomatic problem, paradox that increasing irritation born.
We stand on the “point of view of analyzing the power to go to see to move the people”, Storage heritage, unlike the evaluation of historical facts, is visualized and becomes drama. It becomes human logistics resources that cause the stimulation of movement. “Casablanca, The Bridge on the River Kwai” and the like topic of the movie has been produced by weaving the fiction and non-fiction. So used material may be utilized as human logistics resources for moving people. Measurement of the force to move the people, in addition to the “number of visitors, the amount of payment”, can be grasped by the “newspaper article Search, Google Search”. Moreover, if it possible to measure the “sensitivity” directly further objective possibilities of analysis spread. Moreover, standing in a position to analysis by focusing on the force to move the people, is that or not, including the recognition of history discussion, is the purpose of this paper.
2 Stimulus to the brain and Evaluation of human logistics resources
If you thought human logistics concept, end up in the proposition that whether there is a law of the human behavior. In other words, use of time is that whether or not to become free by intention. Based on the big data obtained by the wearable device, the law seen universally in the society and human, a posteriori, explore attempts, has carried out began.

Figure 1 The discovery of the law of the human logistics

Human flow resources is the center material to discuss the researchers. Of course, the classification of the resource is also performed, evaluation of resources is also performed. However, since it has been found that it can not, such as scientific evaluation of intuitive resources, there is an impasse feeling. Task of selecting a meaningful set has been added in the hands of researchers. In 2010, the computer, without being taught from a human, whether the cat is what thing, understand on its own. So-called is the Google cat. Already has advanced to the point where more than a recognition ability of human vision. Without adding a feature amount by the human hand, it might be able to be evaluated. If so, it is possible that the approach has been successful in elucidation of natural phenomena can be applied to human logistics studies.
The human brain is an electronic circuit, and the information processing. As a result of analysis study the brain wave signal, the frequency of the human brain waves fit in the area of approximately 0 to 30 hertz. A combination of the frequency, can grasp the feelings and psychology of that time more accurately. By people, the sense of taste is different. However, brain waves out when you feel delicious has been found that together. Whether you feel that delicious when you’re eating has become, as can be seen. The combination of the frequency for 16 pieces of emotions, has been clarified by a number of subject data.

3 Demonstration by g-content Distribution Promotion Council
On October 29, 2015 was carried out a demonstration experiment at Sky Tree, Asakusa and Akihabara.
(cf. Https://youtu.be/Sq4M3nvX6Io) Despite subjects were three, the effectiveness of this approach was demonstrated. The experiment was using a simple type electroencephalograph. Using an analysis algorithm of Keio University Michikura Yasue laboratory, five of sensibility (love, interest, concentration, stress, sleepiness) from the electroencephalogram was analyzed in a simple manner.
The subject, the electroencephalograph attached, a walk of about an hour, was taking pictures interested. A questionnaire through the whole after the end was carried out. Individual differences in brain wave sensing in the mobile behavior, so a big difference on average was observed. If they feel by the guide description and there is a change in the impression, tended to interestingness is increased.
The proposition that “either be captured a place where there has been interest” and take a look at the impact of each human logistics resources. The subjects had been instructed to “take a picture of the events that interested.” About 50% of the point where brain waves detected has been captured.
 After the experiment, as a result of the hearing, Of missed, actually places where there is “interested” was 85%.
By using a wearable device, Subject to “interest”, portions that have a good feeling, a portion which is not preferred, it may be directly grasped. There is a possibility to help in the discovery of a new human logistics resources such as hidden charms. After obtaining a sufficient number of samples, it is important to slide into clarify the relationship between human logistics resources and sensitivity value.

4 Regulations create “human logistics resources”
The human logistics resources are intended to be the force that strained to see to move the people. May even “like” or “dislike”. With the force if there is “interested”.
Penal Code prohibits sex, violence, gambling, drugs. So, and deregulation in the special law, or by the illegal to regulatory arbitrage, the difference occurs. It can be used as a human logistics resources. Since it is enough to prohibited by “law, religion”, people are interested in “sex, violence, gambling, drug”. These are, whether there are differences by age and the like, can be clarified by the brain wave signal measurement. There is research value. “Fox hunting, bullfighting” is intended to be outlawed as has increased. If you discuss as human logistics resources, on the basis of the measurement results of the EEG signal, it is also necessary to determine the true intention of the audience.

5 Reconstruction of Dark Tourism
Will be described by using the technique of EEG signal analysis, dark-tourism concept is the fact that is classified as a human logistics resources the higher the “hate level” of those high “degree of interest”. Sensibility of this “hate” is a complex sensibility than sensibility of “like”. Can not be classified simply summarized as “dark”. When the “hate level” would far exceed the “degree of interest” strong and worth as a human logistics resources disappear. South Korea’s Governor-General of Korea, the former Seoul city hall and the like are disappeared. Mumbai station building was a symbol of colonial rule, but has been registered as a World Heritage Site. Importantly human logistics policy is to take measures so that the “degree of interest” in excess of “hate level”. Take advantage of the media is also required there.

Racism is also for mankind, which is a storage and recording heritage. The United States, Rosa Parks Memorial (Google searches in Japanese (hereinafter the same) 40,000), the National Civil Rights Museum (40,000), and the like exist as a human logitics and tourism resources. It is a Japanese concentration camp (800,000) Manzanar concentration camp remains have been designated as National Historic Site in 1992. When combined with Ralph Lawrence Colorado Governor (7,000 cases) who opposed to incarceration, it can be in the same storage heritage Chiune Sugihara.
Values that the dark is, in the medium term, is intended to begin the process goes the first step of weathering. Storage is value-neutral if weathering. s a political science but solve it a problem, it is like a historical landmark of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Genpei battle, place itself even be ambiguous. Doing so made, irritation faded, the less value as human logistics resources, is the only some of the academic value remains.

6 Exhibition of the “storage and recording” of slaughter
War is one of the national policy the era that had been considered on the extension of diplomacy tried to peace where appropriate. But the First World War and the Second World War changed the national all-out war to set up also tilt the media it has become a large-scale slaughter against the non-combat personnel are also involved. As a result storage and recording of the war was the biggest thing in terms of irritation.
This in what has been left as a record of slaughter, there are things that do not fit in the category of acts of war on the classic international law. Auschwitz concentration camp and the Atomic Bomb Dome are representative examples. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, according to TripAdvisor has become the world’s most popular sights. However in the Smithsonian Museum the exhibition of the Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb has been done quietly. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has attracted the interest of the Americans, but American Indians museum has been criticized for concealing the massacre. Even those that value judgments are thought to have been shared by a relatively large number of people is very ones political given to the timing of the spotlight. The Holocaust and the atomic bomb damage those have not been so much attention are the act of recall in the rest there is a possibility that the “fiction” from entering. But as the human logistics resources it becomes the fact that stimulus there is strong if the force.
 Cambodia genocide crime museum is allowed to continue the topic along with the movie, such as “Killing Fields” it has gained a lot of visitors. Genocide Memorial Centre of Rwanda is “Hotel Rwanda”. To just have a killing on the theme the evaluation is intended to not be determined by the parties. “Nanjing Massacre” has become a hot topic by the “living soldier” of Tatsuzo Ishikawa. In China “Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall” has become a hot topic is installed. Because UNESCO has decided to register the article on the “Nanjing Massacre” in a storage heritage degree of exposure to the media is increased became further attract a lot of visitors. Therefore, the Japanese government made a protest on the death toll. However it had increased topicality by that.

7 Sensibility investigation and history recognition as human logistics resources
The Mongolian people to re-recognize the presence of Genghis Khan is from when the socialist era. The Soviet Union, was negatively promote Genghis Khan from socialist ideology. However, for the Mongolian people, recognition of Genghis Khan, which had been forgotten had been strengthened.
Books of “Japan, South Korea, China” related to the historical awareness are numerous publications. Behavior of seeing a “record, facility” is the force that moves the people. “Japanese, Chinese, Korean” people logistics resources that are known most commonly to are those related to the so-called historical recognition.
National media, repeatedly, pick up the “Nanjing Massacre, comfort women, the Yasukuni Shrine”, and the like. It is etched in the memory of people. The human stream resources, it is possible to discuss by focusing on its power. Therefore, the researchers, in so far as that, it is possible to form a common understanding.

Recognition of history is the same as the prior explanation from the guide for the visitor. n the demonstration, the degree of interest is high in the case where there is a description from the guide. Thus, the degree of interest of the visitors to the Warship Island, etc., will be high regardless of nationality. The higher the degree of interest, even those that are expressed as dark tourism, a promising human logistics resources.
Reaction on this historical recognition is, supposedly acts perhaps. In the survey, supposedly it appears strong. Real intention comes out in honestly real intention comes out sensibility data. By cross-comparison of the two, it might be further significant data is obtained.
However there is a limit in the current EEG measurement. It is necessary to be able to get even more sensitive data easily. What is important in the history recognition is a sensibility of “hate degree stress”. Opposite simply of “hate level”. Not become “like degree”. Sensibility of “hate” is complex.
Throughout history recognition problem making the analysis of the “hate” is one of the way of research. The following table by the author of personal judgment was created to predict the reaction of sensibility. This paper serves as the opportunity to pray to be completed from the measured data by the sensitivity analyzer or the like.

Table 1 Forecast Figure of sensibility reaction of “record store” heritage related to historical recognition
Name of Record and Storage heritage Japanese Chinese Google
⒑ thousand
Yasukuni Shurine a A 428
(Yushukan) (c) (C)
Tokyo Tribunal of War Criminals A A 220
(Ichigaya Memorial) (b) (C)
Warship IsLand a A 81
(HASHIMA) (b)  (C)
Atomic bomb dome A A 75
(Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum)
(B) (b)
注 The degree of interest Aa same sensitivity Bb denial of Cc Uppercase strength lower case letters represent scale


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