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3 Mainland China and the fate community of Hong Kong and Macao, the future of the Far East

Since Hong Kong has an area of ​​1100 km 2 and a population of 7 million, it is a city where the population of Aichi prefecture is about 50% larger than Sado Island. Shenzhen and others are located within this Hong Kong Macao day-trip area, forming a huge human-economic economic zone.

(1) Hong Kong ~ parallel trading customers and umbrella movement ~
Like Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a large weight on a day trip. What is different from Europe is that there are many visitors coming from shopping object (parallel trading) with a secondary visa from Shenzhen etc. The average number of staying guests is about 3.5 days, consuming about 1,000 US $ per guest. As a result, international tourism revenue will be ranked among the top ten in the world as well as Macao.
Arrival number of passengers from Mainland China to Hong Kong decreased by nearly 1.5 million from 2014 to 2015. Although it depends on the political situation like “umbrella movement”, the parallel trading regulation is complicated with the voice that Hong Kong resident also wants. Consumption behavior of guests is a structure of a large metropolis of the world with one trip of 1000US $ per person, 300US $ per night.
 The means of transport from mainland China is overwhelmingly land road and the first means is on foot. It is a so-called parallel trading official.

(2) Benefits and Vulnerabilities Brought by Macau ~ Casino ~
Macau is an area where population of 650,000 people live in 28 Km 2 and Miura city (32 Km 2) somewhat smaller area. Continental is continental and both Hong Kong and Hong Kong are connected by high speed ship in about an hour. (Miura city is less than an hour by rail from Yokohama and it is also within the day’s range from Tokyo.) The per capita GDP is more than twice that of Japan. This Macau visitor is over 30 million in 2015, probably the world’s largest area in the visitor rate. The international travel budget is also ranked in the best ten in the world. 90% of Macau visitors are so-called Chinese. In the case of Chinese it can be inferred that the weight of day-trips is high, as the weight of entrants from land roads is high. The average number of days of stay of the guest is about 1 to 2 nights on average, and in the case of gaming purposes, it can be seen that short-term residents are mainstream.
Macau visitors consume more than US $ 40 billion by guests, of which 33.3 billion US dollars are gaming. Looking at each residential area, apart from the price of gaming, the per capita consumption of individual guests staying from the mainland is about 618 US dollars in 2014, which was nearly twice as much as that of European and American residents, but in 2015 It is decreasing rapidly to 460 US dollars.
The Macau government collects Tourism Tax, which amounts to $ 5.3 billion in 2015. Although the amount of gaming consumption has declined sharply by 33% compared to the previous year in 2015, it can be inferred that visitor from mainland China saw the influence due to refraining consumption.

4 Taiwan ~ Advanced travel sensation and VFR ~

Residents in Taiwan with 23.5 million exist, one in four people traveled outside of the country (boundary), the ratio (0.56) to go out of Taiwan island exceeds Japan (0.13) and Korea (0.38) as well as Europe (0.58) as the average departure rate. The departure destination statistic is characterized by aggregating the area where you first visited. The amount of expenditure per time is 1,600 US dollars. In any case, the Far East is more, then the ASEAN countries are the United States. In recent years the weight of travel destinations has changed from mainland China to Japan. The average number of nights is also relatively long, 8 nights. Although the number is small, the growth rate of the long hall to France and Germany is getting higher. VFR travel purpose is 17.4% in Japan and 11.6% outside of Japan. As seen in Table 2-23, the Chinese residents seem to be strongly conscious of the purpose of visiting relatives and acquaintances who live in the continent and foreign countries, so that their fellow country consciousness is good, as classified as overseas passengers and foreign registered passengers is there.
On the other hand, Taiwanese residents are also active domestic travel, traveling about seven times a year, including day trips. Expenditure per trip is 64us $, expenditure per person is 44US $ (Table 2-24). 2015 Survey of Travel by R.O.C According to Citizens’ questionnaire survey, the rate of substitution for domestic travel to overseas travel is 30.3%, the deciding factor is time (30%), amount (20%). As will be described later, as in Western Europe, the developed country is a place where it is possible to argue by comparing the domestic travel and the country (outside) boundary from the standpoint of residents.
 Taiwan as a destination has doubled compared to 2009. Half of those who visit Taiwan are Chinese, then Japanese and Korean visitors. Visitors from mainland China are classified in Overseas Chinese and are not treated as foreigner. The number of accommodation is relatively long, 6.6 days.

5 South Korea – Sharp Increasing Cruise Customers, Surging Land Prices ~

In South Korea with a population of 50 million people, 2 people out of 5 people in the country are traveling abroad, far exceeding 1 in 7 in Japan. There is no Korea in the situation that domestic tourist spots are limited like domestic tourist resort like Hong Kong etc. There is no Korea, domestic traveling frequency is also surprising, Japanese travel preference both inside and outside,
Meanwhile, the number of foreign nationals who visit Korea has also been on the rise. The protagonist is a mainland resident tourist in mainland China, and 4,015,233 people visited Korea in 2015. Korea is hoping for their tourism consumption, while the high dependency on mainland Chinese resident tourists is a challenge.
 Regarding domestic travel of Koreans, the number of travel participants (trips) has steadily increased both in accommodation and day trips in recent years. On the other hand, although the total migration amount (Trip Date) has declined from 2009 to 2011, it has increased from this year to 2014. As a factor that shows such different trends, the number of participation in domestic travel per capita is cited, and although clear reasons are not known, this figure has declined from 2009 to 2011. However, since the total domestic travel expenses during this period have been growing relatively steadily, it seems that it is not an economic influence. In either case, since the number of people, the total amount, and the total expenses are not drastically decreased after 2012, domestic travel can be regarded as smooth.
If so, it will be said whether to travel abroad, but also here is steadily growing since 2010. It is expected to reach 16.88 million in 2014 and about 18 million in 2015, exceeding the number of foreign travelers in Japan for the first time.
The number of foreign visitors to Korea has decreased in 2015. Visitors in the mainland of China occupied nearly half of the market share, although the rate of decrease was small, many in absolute numbers had a major impact on South Korea. As mentioned above, since it is said that he was heading for Japan to that extent, it has led to a surge in the number of foreign guests in Japan.

The cruise number of visitors to Korea has soared, exceeding 2 million people. The number of cruise customers to Japan has also increased rapidly, but it is 1.1 million (2015), and the main force is the resident of mainland China (and also women), so the opportunities for Korea to call more will be higher. For the arrival passengers such as the Philippines, the overwhelming majority of men will be on board cruise ships as CREW .
In Korea, there are also visa special measures for Chinese (when visiting only Jeju Island only, tourist visa is exempted), Jeju island has seen a sharp increase in Chinese tourists in 2014. As a result, the land price of Jeju Island suddenly increased. Discussions on the CAP system that limits the number of entrants by the influence of Mallorca island in Spain / Mediterranean have been reported.
South Korea is exempting tourist visas when Chinese visit only Jeju Island, the number of visitors to Jeju is rapidly increasing. As a result, the land price of Jeju Island has soared. Discussions on the CAP system that limits the number of entrants by the influence of Mallorca island in Spain / Mediterranean have been reported.
In addition, there is a case where the rapid increase of Korean tourists became problematic contrary to the rapid increase of Chinese tourists. The number of Korean visitors from Busan to Tsushima with one-way high-speed boat increased sharply. Amidst the initial confusion, as a result of local calm response, the weight has shifted to day-day guest countermeasures today. According to a questionnaire survey carried out by the local international exchange association, it is estimated that about 100 thousand people are day trips, as the percentage of day trip guests is 58%.


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Analysis and Future Considerations on Increasing Chinese Travelers and International Travel & Human Logistics Market (1)➀

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