London Car Dispatch App Report ② Dispatch app business circumstances of London

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Taxi system in London as compared to Japan’s taxi system, there are two different points.

① First, what is called a taxi in London, I say things that street-hiring is allowed.Moreover, it is virtually accepted only in the form of a personal business.And is what is commonly called “black cab”.Therefore, rather than a business license of the taxi company, such as Japan, qualifications of the driver to drive is important. More than four years over, you do not stored in the skin the London city street that ten thousand extra is also present, it is not possible to pass the exam. It has become a severe barrier to entry.

In the future, by the position information revolution, if use of the navigation function of the smartphone, also changes qualities required of the driver.According to information from the Lord Borwick, has been determined that geography test is eliminated from the qualification test of New York taxi driver. In his view, it was that from the study of London and will no longer any geographic.

According to him, London is not quantitative restrictions, such as New York, geography test of black cab driver was functioning as a real mass regulation.Therefore, the disabled friendly technologies, etc., it was that the must consider control.

② Secondly major difference is that the paid transportation of private cars are developed. Only a black cab has been allowed street-hiring, it was probably not able to correspond to the user’s needs.With the development of traffic conditions, in legally permitted range, private transportation form to be Minicab and popular name have been developed.

Although this point is my guess, that London traffic law is treated as PHV, in Japan will of something that corresponds to the chartered bus.Since not the public transportation as black cab, it is was the treatment of the private.If dispatch by booking a small chartered bus with the same functionality as the taxi.Driver of this PHV also similar to the driver of the black cab, is a sole proprietorship.PHV because can not street-hiring, fee between the origin and destination are determined prior to boarding.Number of vehicles in London have become a thing of more than twice the black cab.

③ Dispatch app business circumstances of London

Hailo and Addison Lee have made a clear international strategy, I do not think the only local scope, such as London’s dispatch business. As such, the investor will also to purchase the dispatch business enterprise.World trend on dispatch app, has become the interest of investors, including the Google. And is not intended to be limited to naturally taxi. While demonstrating the attitude of defense Tokyo taxi business industry, would be one of the corporate strategy may not consider such as overseas.However, foreign tourists, so do the trip by utilizing the credit card and smartphone.
At that time, only Japan’s taxi business you’re stuck on the model of Japan flow would lead to Galapagos.

Power diagram of the dispatch application of London can be classified into three.

・ Hailo      a black cab to main subject.

・ Addison Lee  companies

・ Uber      general customer

In any event, foundation of dispatch system driver of acquisition is important.Attractive terms presented is the competitiveness of dispatch application for the driver.

On the other hand, it is important also attractive fares set to the acquisition of the user.The proposition that this contradiction, by the evolution of excellent algorithms and business models, dispatch application can be said to have competition.Black cab and PHV driver of revenue of London is relatively high.Without legal economy regulations, better treatment than Japan. I’ve felt the question of whether not there is room for improvement in the business model of Japan



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